BTS Map The Soul 7 'Interlude : Shadow' SUGA comeback trailer explained

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BTS Suga's "Shadow" Comeback Trailer unveiled


We got some hot BTS news today!
BTS has released a new amazing video! For their upcoming full album 'Map the soul 7', they released a comeback trailer, called 'Interlude: Shadow', featuring BTS Suga as the main star. This new BTS teaser, more specifically BTS comeback trailer, is amazing. It's basically a new BTS MV. BTS Suga trailer is full of symbols, and you might want to watch this Suga comeback trailer a couple of times to fully appreciate/understand everything. But to save your time, we've explained some of the meanings for you in the video. BTS explained, basically.
By the way, BTS Shadow refers to the song 'Interlude: Shadow' which is actual interlude track in BTS's upcoming album. This new BTS trailer perfectly describes all those little details of the track. And yes, Suga performs Shadow beautifully, which is why with BTS, Kpop news seems ever so exciting. BTS Suga comeback trailer is a must watch for all the fans. If your friend hasn't watched this BTS shadow trailer, tell them to do it now! While you are at it, tell them that BTS comeback is huge news for everyone. BTS, which consists of 7 members, including BTS Jin, BTS Suga, BTS Jungkook, BTS V, BTS, RM, BTS Jimin, and BTS, J-hope, never fail to surprise you. Fans can't wait for BTS comeback 2020.



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