While X1 disbanded, IZONE fiesta comes back 2020..where is justice?

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IZ*ONE to make a comeback despite vote-rigging controversy of Produce 48

If you've already seen the words "izone fiesta" somewhere on the Internet or googled them yourself, chances are you are already aware of izone comeback 2020. That's right. After staying away from the limelight for almost a year, izone's comeback is about to happen really soon.
Unlike x1, izone will be back with an album. The new izone album is called bloom iz. When you put the name of the group and the name of izone new album side by side, like "izone bloom iz", you can tell that "bloom iz" is the combination of the word "bloom" and the group name "izone". It is, again, a name that sticks to the flower theme, which the group has been sticking to for quite a while, with their previous releases like 'lavian rose' and 'violeta'. FYI, izone lavian rose and izone violeta are singles.




As talented as the group is, the comeback of izone is a bit controversial, especially because of the vote-rigging controversy surrounding the produce series, which includes produce 48 and produce 101, where the head producer was an junyung. izone members were determined on produce 48, and because of the vote-rigging, some people demand izone disbandment, just like x1 disbandment. They believe that izone rigged members should be "punished" the same way x1 rigged members were, so that everything is even between x1 and izone.

izone (アイズワン) consists of a number of members, including hitomi honda(本田仁美), nako yabuki(矢吹奈子), izone sakura, aka miyawaki sakura(宮脇咲良), and wonyoung of izone whose full name is jang wonyoung. Will this group be able to win everyone's heart when they make their comeback? Whatever happens, we will be sure to keep you updated on the latest news on our website at doyouram.com!



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